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Applying Powder Before Foundation: An Ingenius Makeup Hack…?

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Who doesn't love watching YouTube tutorials? In a few that I've seen, beauty gurus were actually using SETTING POWDER before foundation! Isn't that so strange? So many thoughts came to my mind when I first saw that! Like:" will your foundation be even? Won't it just spread the powder around? Does this even work!" Apparently it's supposed to make your makeup last longer, so I gave it a shot. VIEW THIS POST

June 20, 2017

My Hair Care Secrets!

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It's no secret that hair care is essential to having beautiful, luscious locks! Over the years I've tried so many hair products! I'm sharing the ones that keep my mane looking beautiful! VIEW THIS POST

June 13, 2017

My Experience with Individual Lashes


A full set of lashes are hard enough to apply (am I right), so imagine how much harder I thought applying individual lashes were gonna be! When I created the look on my previous post, I didn't have a full set of lashes so I had to work with the individual lashes I have. Here's what it looked like: VIEW THIS POST

June 9, 2017

Quick Update on My Blog!


Hi everyone! Just wanted to update you guys and let you guys now that I am now self-hosted. My domain is the same (sayeedahsparkles.com) and I've managed to migrate all of my followers (yay!) Thank you all for your support of my journey this far! I love my supporters! You guys are awesome! Thank you so very much! If you have any questions about self-hosting I will do my best to help you out! Just shoot me an e-mail at: sayeedah17@gmail.com xoxo, Sayeedahsparkles <3

June 5, 2017

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