Dior Forever Foundation Review & Super Easy Warm Toned Glam Inspo!

If you’re a matte foundation lover like me you will love the Dior Forever Foundation! The formulation is non-oily and it comes in 28 shades. With a price tag of $50, it claims to provide medium-full coverage while also delivering even color correction. It is also supposed to last for 16 hours.

Does this foundations really do all that it claims to do? Here’s what think:

I like:

  • Matte – ness and longevity: This foundation stays matte through a full day
    • I haven’t worn it for more than 12 hours so I’m not sure if it lives up to the claim but it definitely passes the “12 hour” test. I think that it’s pretty rare anyways for someone to wear foundation for 16 hours.
    • My oils do not even peak through this foundation! If it does it is very slight.
  • Coverage: this is the most full coverage foundation that I have owned
    • I have dark marks on my chin from acne and this completely covers them up! I don’t need to go in with a concealer after using this.
  • Formulation: liquid – not too heavy
    • I like that this formulation is liquid and that it isn’t a sheer, runny type of liquid.
    • It doesn’t feel super thick and it’s easy to blend out or even layer if you wanted too.

I don’t like:

  • Shade range: too narrow for people of color
    • There were maybe 3 shades for people who are medium/dark tan.
    • I was matched to number 40 and I actually really dislike the shade. This foundation has a pink undertone and honestly looks very orange on my face. I like something that’s more golden

Overall: I would be completely in love with this foundation if I didn’t dislike the shade – it is an oily skinned girl’s dream come true!

Easy Warm Toned Glam


I use a bronzer in my crease (too faced chocolate soleil in medium deep) and then mix chopper and sin from urban decay on the lid. Smoke out the lower lash line a tad bit, throw on some black eyeliner, and a little inner corner highlight and that’s it for the eyes! Then I pair it with a coral-nude lip such as the HudaBeauty Liquid Matte in Trendsetter (my absolute fave) or MAC Cosmetics Taupe.


Have you tried anything from Dior’s Makeup or Skincare line? What’re your thoughts?


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Alternative to the Beauty Blender

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a good day so far!

So for the past couple of days I’ve been using the buffing brush from the BH Cosmetics set that I recently posted about, and it is AMAZING for blending out highlight. Just dab the product around as you would with a beauty blender and voila!

I’ve been trying to find the perfect brush to blend out concealer that wouldn’t remove product or leave it streaky, and honestly this brush is just dense enough to leave the concealer looking flawlessly. I haven’t used this for cream contour but I’m sure it will work just as well!

I have oily skin so I don’t like that I have to use a wet beauty blender on my face to blend things out. Also, I feel like cleaning the beauty blender is such a task and I worry that I probably didn’t get all of the soap out. That being said, I’m so happy I finally found the perfect brush for the job so I just wanted to share that with you guys!

Also, just got the morphe G2 AKA “the beauty blender on a stick” as Patrick Star calls it. It is incredibly soft but also very tight and dense, which makes it perfect for blending!

My favorite concealer for highlighting is the NARS Radiant Concealer, just in case you were wondering. What is yours?


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Messy Curly Hair + My First YT Tutorial

I curl my hair a lot on an everyday basis because I love voluminous hair as opposed to flat hair. This doesn’t take me long and it’s super easy!

It’s normally so hard for my hair to keep a curl, but using this wand my hair will stay curly for 3 days!

Wand: http://www.remingtonproducts.com/womens/haircare/CurlingIrons/CI96W1A-TStudio-SILK-Ceramic-Slim-Styling-Wand.aspx

If you scrunch your hair a lot, try adding a few of these curls into your hair. It will look so beautiful!

To get this style: Flip the direction of the curl in and out, with the exception of the pieces towards the face (flip those outwards).

Here’s my tutorial on how to do it!

I don’t know why this is the thumbnail when I changed it 50 times. Seriously, get it together Youtube.

But anyways, show me some love guys! I’m super excited cause I’ve always wanted to do it! Hope you guys are having a great day!

What are your favorite curling techniques and wands?


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BH Cosmetics Brushes Review


BH Cosmetics is known for their affordable eye shadows. I never knew they even sold brushes. After doing some research on good brushes (I was specifically looking for a lip brush), I came across their sets. They were 50% off at the time so I figured I might as well try it.

I purchased the Metal Rose Makeup Brush set. This set comes with 11 brushes.


I can honestly say that these brushes surpassed my expectations. I wasn’t expecting them to be such great quality for the price point but it honestly is! They’re one of my favorite brush brands, second to Real Techniques. I think these brushes even beat Morphe brushes!

Face Brushes: Soft and dense, but not too dense. Just perfect! It feels so nice on the skin and blends out makeup beautifully.
Eye Brushes: Honestly my favorite blending brushes of all time! The flat brushes are also great for precision eyeshadow!
Lip Brush: Tight enough to fill in the lips as precisely as possible.

I definitely recommend these brushes to everyone! They are wonderful and affordable.

*These pictures belong to BH Cosmetics.

**Just curious, what are some of your favorite brushes?


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Makeup Inspiration: Pink Glitter Cut Crease

Glitter cut creases are so beautiful – especially to a sparkle lover like myself. I see them all over Instagram and I couldn’t wait to try it out! This was my first attempt and I’m pretty proud of it.

Products Used:


Hope you guy like this post!


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