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Dior Forever Foundation Review & Super Easy Warm Toned Glam Inspo!

If you're a matte foundation lover like me you will love the Dior Forever Foundation! The formulation is non-oily and it comes in 28 shades. With a price tag of $50, it claims to provide medium-full coverage while also delivering even color correction. It is also supposed to last for 16 hours. Does this foundations really do all that it claims to do? Here's what think: I like: Matte - ness and longevity: This foundation stays matte through a full day I haven't worn it for more than 12 hours so I'm not sure if…

Makeup Inspiration: Dark Fall Look


I LOVE FALL! So naturally, I just HAD to do a fall look. I normally shy away from darker eye makeup because I think that lighter makeup tends to look better on me. BUT, you have to step out of your comfort zone to grow right? So here's my take on a dark fall look! (more…)

Tips I’ve Learned For Applying False Lashes!

False lashes take your look to the next level.  Before I started blogging I barely wore lashes, and I still don't, unless it's for a post. I've picked up some tips and tricks from watching a bunch of YouTube videos and from personal experience.  Details for this makeup look can be found here Here are the tips that I've found to be the most helpful: Wear eyeliner so that you can't see the gap between the fake lashes and your real lashes Curl your lashes first Trim the lashes to fit your eyes!!! This is important…


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