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Simple Glam Girls is a company that was started by makeup lovers who wanted to provide the best possible makeup tools. They have a variety of tools on their website ( such as unicorn brushes, silicon beauty blenders, and OVAL BRUSHES!

I’ve been dying to try oval brushes so I was excited when the company approached me to be part of their ambassador program. They have different oval brush sets and the one that I received was the Lush Rose Gold Oval Makeup Brushes! Let’s get right into the review!

This set comes with 10 brushes. See the pic below for suggested uses for each:

*This picture is from their website*

First Impressions:

I thought the brushes would be way bigger than they are – but I’m thankful they aren’t! They can easily fit into my makeup bag – which I’m so thankful for! I was worried about storage when I ordered them. Also the brushes aren’t so big that it would be hard to get into small areas of the face. It looks perfect for blending the whole face in with.

At first touch, the brushes are soft – like incredibly soft. The bristles are tightly packed so the softness combined with the density should make blending foundations and creams seamless and flawless.


  • The handle is sturdy enough for blending in makeup but be not to be too rough when you are cleaning them
  • These brushes leave your face looking flawless – I honestly like this better than a beauty blender – the finish is that good!!
    • I find that using circular motions works best for foundation. Use the dab and rub motion for concealers.
    • Also, I find that it’s better to dot the foundation on your face as opposed to rubbing the brush into the foundation before application.
  • The design is so cute and chic and looks beautiful on top of my vanity!
  • The small round brushes are perfect for mixing lipsticks! They also work well to conceal around the mouth!
  • They feel incredibly soft and smooth on my face!
  • They are easy to clean.


  • I’m not sure that I would use the other brushes for eyeshadow or eyeliner but I think it would work beautifully with cream contour products!


I think these brushes are worth the investment because they blend everything out so flawlessly and you won’t have to replace them every three months, like you would a beauty blender. Look how well it blended out my makeup in the picture above!

Coupon Code!

Use code SPARKLES for 20% off sitewide! Happy shopping!!

Their website:

Their instagram: @simpleglamgirls


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