The experience of anxiety is different for everyone. I have testing anxiety and I’m what they call a “hot stressor”. I get really hot, my heart starts beating faster, and I have trouble remembering things. I also cannot drink anything 1 hour before an exam.

Who determines whether or not you have anxiety? Is it a doctor? Or is it you yourself? I believe that we, ourselves, determine whether or not we have anxiety. No one knows what you are going through besides yourself. Just because you haven’t gone to a doctor does that mean your problem isn’t real? Just cause you haven’t gone to the doctor and gotten diagnosed for diabetes, does that mean that you don’t actually have diabetes?

People tend to have a very narrow minded view of anxiety. Just because they’ve known or seen someone else experience anxiety, they think that your experience is going to be the exact same – which is highly unlikely. Anxiety manifests itself in varying degrees – meaning that someone may be higher on the scale or lower on the scale.The most annoying thingΒ  is when someone thinks that they can determine whether or not YOU have anxiety. Like…I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that you had a degree in psychology?

When you tell someone you have anxiety and they believe that it’s just some self-fulfilling prophecy – it’s extremely frustrating. Frustrating because they think they know you… they think they know what goes on…think that they have the authority to tell you whether you have it or not.Why would I (or anyone who has anxiety) try to live up to such a crappy self fulfilling prophecy?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject, particularly if it’s something that you suffer from. xoxo

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  • Reply Superman October 31, 2016 at 9:45 pm

    I suffer from love anxiety… i get mini heart attacks when I’m around the love of my life. I forget everything when I’m with her. I tend to not eat or drink before going just so i do not loose anytime with her. She makes me extremely nervous nd excited all at once. I love her alot and she is the best thing that ever happened to me. Maybe this is love anxiety or just love in general but I love every part of what i feel for her.

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