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The Best Winter Activities in Central Florida

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Living in FL, you know that winter doesn't really feel like winter. It's literally 80 degrees in the middle of December. That's why I like going to winter/holiday themed events and activities! It makes me feel like we at least have a little winter even if we don't. ***This is based on stuff that I have personally done. I obviously have not done everything so if there's something I missed out that you think is great please let me know in a comment below*** ***Websites for events are linked. Just look for the underlined words! 1) Gaylord Palms ICE! Show I loved this show! They basically have a bunch of ice sculptures! They are so pretty! I couldn't believe how detailed everything was. It was also really cold though so if you do decide…

December 20, 2017



The experience of anxiety is different for everyone. I have testing anxiety and I'm what they call a "hot stressor". I get really hot, my heart starts beating faster, and I have trouble remembering things. I also cannot drink anything 1 hour before an exam. Who determines whether or not you have anxiety? Is it a doctor? Or is it you yourself? I believe that we, ourselves, determine whether or not we have anxiety. No one knows what you are going through besides yourself. Just because you haven't gone to a doctor does that mean your problem isn't real? Just cause you haven't gone to the doctor and gotten diagnosed for diabetes, does that mean that you don't actually have diabetes? People tend to have a very narrow minded view of anxiety. Just because…

October 31, 2016

Choosing Your Life


This topic is kind of hard for me to write about cause I don't want to step on anyone's feelings but I still want to share mine. I think you can tell from my other blog posts that I'm not a super chatty person so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. All my life I've been steered into going into the health professions - specifically..I've been pushed to become a doctor. My parents never entertained the idea of me pursuing any other interest. I feel like because I was pushed in a certain direction, I never saw anything but their vision for me. I'm extremely squeamish - which is why I ended up not going to medical school. If it wasn't for the couple of times that I fainted in undergrad, then…

October 4, 2016

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