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Fall Style: Dusters and Boots

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Dusters are one of those trends that will probably be around forever. They are so chic and classy and probably one of my favorite outerwear items! I especially love this one I got from one of my favorite online stores, SheIn. This fits true to size. So if you're a size small in other items on the site, then get a small in this item too. The sizing chart was kind of confusing here so just go by that rule. It's on S A L E for $17 - that's 50% off!! If you like this duster, click here to check it out! I love that this duster is blue because I love blue against my complexion! Not only that, but it comes with a string that you can use to tie it however…

November 28, 2017

New Trend Alert: Front Tie Shirt from SheIn

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I've been seeing a lot of shirts that tie in the front lately and I love them! I normally don't like bows because it makes me look even younger (I'm 23 and people think I'm in high school) BUT I'm all for this trend. The shirt featured in this post is from SheIn. I love the black stripes because I just love black lol. I think black is the most sophisticated color ever and nothing can ever replace it! Another trend I've been seeing lately is bell sleeves. While this isn't your typical bell sleeve, it has the same kind of shape where it gets larger towards the wrist ("lantern sleeve"). I like that this shirt features the lantern sleeve because  it's different and I believe that bell sleeves will go out of style.…

September 27, 2017

Dolling up for Disney: Pink Duster and Black Dress

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A special person in my life planned a super cute surprise for me! I knew it was something Disney but I wasn't sure where! Turns out we were going to the cinderella castle! It was such an awesome experience! Since it was a pretty big occasion, I was seriously excited to get all dolled up for this look (I live for the days I get to be extra)! Here's what I wore: VIEW THIS POST

August 1, 2017

Summer Trend: Ripped Jeans

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Ripped jeans have been all over the place lately and I am loving it! I love folding the bottoms of them up too because it makes them look more cute! Here's a recent outfit I put together wearing a pair: VIEW THIS POST

May 23, 2017

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