LuMee Phone Case vs Selfie Ring Light

Need extra lighting for your selfie but not sure which option to go with? Well, I’ve tried both the LuMee phone case and the selfie ring light and I’ll give you my opinion on both.

I purchased my selfie ring light on and personally, I didn’t love it. While this ring light is a lot cheaper than the LuMee phone case, I don’t believe it enhances the quality of my selfie. For one, the lighting is more of a cool toned, blue/white color. I personally like more of a yellow lighting. The blue/white lighting was not flattering on my tan skin tone. Also, due to the shape of the device, the lighting does not hit my face in the areas I want it too. Instead, it adds additional light on my t-zone and makes my face seem oily. The only good thing about this ring light is that it is detachable so you can use it with whatever phone case you want.

The LuMee phone case on the other hand – I LOVE! Although it’s pricey, it is amazing! The lighting is more on the yellow side which I believe is more flattering on a wide range of skin tones. It also gets very bright but the brightness can also be toned down. It makes my selfies look really nice! The only downside is that the case is kind of big so it makes my huge phone look even bigger but other than that it’s great.

The LuMee phone case wins!

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